The L2 Home Buying Program was created to help single parents navigate the home buying process and  make their dreams of home ownership come true. The L2 Family Foundation helps by providing select applicants with money for down payments, connecting all participants with available resources for down payments and by educating participants on the buying process and to assure that all participants are not only prepared to buy, but equipped to grow and prosper financially.
How to Get Started
We admit people who desire to become homeowners into the L2 Home Buying Program regardless or their financial situation. The education path is different for each applicant. A qualified applicant could complete the program and be ready to buy a home in as little as 30 days. We assess each application on an individual basis; however, we REQUIRE that applicants speak with a mortgage lender/bank and provide proof of approval or pending qualification, so we can determine the best manner in which we can assist the prospective buyer.