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What We Do: Our Programs

Single-family households now have dedicated resources thanks to L2 Family Foundation. L2 focuses on helping to build the strength of single-family communities on a national level.. The desire of a single parent to strengthen their family combined with L2’s desire to strengthen the community is the catalyst to improving statistics of single-family home ownership.

Current Areas of Service

  1. Maryland – The Baltimore Metro Area
  2. Maryland –  The Washington, DC Metro Area (Coming Soon)
  3. Florida – Polk County (Coming Soon)

L2 Family Foundation Program Overview


Single Households for Single Moms (SH4SM)

SH4SM is a program that helps families prepare for the home buying experience. This program provides a customized track of financial education, credit restoration, resource awareness and training on specific steps in the home buying process. Relevant and specific guidance is the objective. Unlike most counseling and training programs, L2 provides each participant with a training curriculum and action plan that is based upon his or her specific circumstances and financial needs, not a general overview. Part the action plan that we provide includes helping participants find ways to meet the minimum down payments required for most mortgages.

52 Homes for 52 Families

There are many families that qualify for mortgages, but the task of saving enough money for the down payment, amongst paying other bills, makes the dream of home ownership near impossible. Each week, we will select ONE (1) family and award them with a check towards the down payment of a home purchase. The L2 selection board will review and select a qualified applicant each week and make their dream of home ownership a reality. There is no cost to enter, but… YOU MUST APPLY TO QUALIFY! Apply online to enter. Be sure to share your story and you can even upload a video telling why you should be selected.

L2 Academy – Financial Literacy Training for the Entire Family

(Coming Soon)

L2 Workforce Development Center

(Coming Soon)

L2 Family Foundation Process Flow

The L2 Family Foundation process flow is geared to assist single-family applicants to become proud homeowners with solid education and mentors along the way. This includes an informative orientation, testing and program level establishment, and the assignment of a program counselor to act as a guide to achieve the single family’s goal of purchasing a home. Part of the counseling assists with life skill education and helps with budgeting and finances as well as help with credit restoration, job placement, and rental assistance.

All of the elements are essential for the home buyer, and L2 Family Foundation strives to create knowledge and awareness for its program participants. A single-family parent may enter our program without the skills to close on a home, but they will progress to the stages of applying for financing, viewing housing inventory responsibly, and eventually closing on a new home for their family.